How would you describe yourself?

A Strong Powerful Game Changer!
A Speaker, Educator, Author and Lover of Life!
 A freespirit who is affectionately known as the Game Changer. I am an earth healer, a heart healer, a lover of life, raising the vibration of love to help as many people as possible to live passionate, purpose filled lives, awaken the planet and enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.
That is My Life!
That is my purpose for me being here!
I am a Social Entrepreneur, 1 Million Women Ambassador and a Change Maker. A woman who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. A woman who loves people and loves life.

What has your background been before you started writing?

Ever since I was 5 years old, I have held strong my vision of being a mum for children all over the world. Being there, guiding them, teaching them, educating them, believing in them. I have known since a very young age that this was and still is today, my life purpose. My life’s journey has taken me on many different paths and I have always returned to my purpose, doing what my heart desires and loves. The passion I have for kids is succeeding is huge. I have taught numerous people from all walks of life and impacted life long change as a result. Working in many different roles throughout life I have settled into my life’s’ passion and LOVE…… I AM committed to the commitment of those around me and to the success that shines as a result.
I have had over twenty (20) Plus years of real, hands on, raw experience out in the field in all areas of Communication, Business, and Life Coaching. Areas of relevant experience has been acquired through working in industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, retail, direct sales, natural therapy, training and development, seminar logistics, debt collection, Mortgage Brokering, telecommunications, event coordinator, customer service, finance, investing, administration, telephone counselling, and management.


How were you introduced to writing?

My very first book was a collection of stories from people in the community. I knew the knowledge and the stories were to come from the heart of the people, I alone did not have all the answers, however, I knew we as a community together would touch lives and make a Difference.
“Communication Impact” is my very fist book I put together.


What was the one thing that impressed you the most about becoming an author?

I can change the world though words alone. Words are very powerful, they have the ability to touch a heart, change a life, and be there for someone. Those words can be read and felt by the reader. I know when I have read books, I have been right there in the story, lost in words and felt this was very real.

How are you making a difference with your writing right now?

My writing right now is bringing the community together, forming the village for those kids out there who have no one. You have heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” well the 1000 Ripple Effects Book is the village. Knowledge, wisdom, guidance, care, love and support every child needs to succeed at life.


As a child, what was your relationship with books?

I loved books, devoured books, and used books to educate myself on many topics. And I still do this today. IF there is anything I want to learn, I go and find a book to read.

What is the most important thing about what you want to do?

To make really significant changes for the better of all of humanity

Do you believe books can change the world?

YES! Absolutely!
Books reveal the Truth of the past.
Books have knowledge, wisdom, experience, the book itself can not change the world, but the person reading the book can apply the knowledge and change the world.


What do you hope people will take away from your writing?

The information people need to feel loved, cared for, accepted and guided in their own life choices. Because the true Ripple Effect is in the hearts of the stories that each of you share with the many people who will read them. Your story is just one of many Ripple Effects that will take place right across the world. But each of you has a heart touching story that will make the difference in many people’s lives that you will never meet in person. But, know that your story has changed the life of someone, somewhere in the world.
When everyone comes together and shares their story then we will change the world. Together the Ripple Effects that will be created will be life changing and life long lasting.

I have complete faith that your loving words will help so many and I look forward to sharing the pages with beautiful souls who, similar to myself, truly want to make a difference in others’ lives.


What is your ultimate goal?

My Ultimate Goal is to create Sustainable, Generational Change For Children.


Has Share Your Story helped you in any way?

Yes, I have met other authors, and read about their journeys. I have also been able to connect with other people and make some magic happen.

What results have you experienced, good or bad, about being a part of the publishing industry?

It is a process and if you follow the process you will have success.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

For kids to know they are Loved and cared for.



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