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I Can’t Write Today, I Got the Block

Pressure is not productive. I am thankful for the parts of my brain that work well and for the times I am able to think and write clearly. But, if today is not one of those days, I’m not going to worry myself about it. There’s a reason I’m not a brain surgeon.

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6 Steps to Rise Above Rejection

Rejection can create real mental suffering, causing worry about being good enough, uncertainty, regret, guilt and even grief. Follow my 6 step strategy to getting back on your feet and resubmitting your story.

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Adriana (Reality One)

INTRODUCTION OF (AUTHOR) Mark Angelo Lusrdi – ADRIANA (REALITY ONE)’ Name: Mark Angelo Lusrdi Name of book or project: ‘ADRIANA (REALITY ONE)’ Website: Blog: Facebook:...

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Jodie’s Journey

INTRODUCTION OF (AUTHOR) Jodie L. Guerrero – Triple Cancer Survivor NAME: Jodie Guerrero CONTACT: LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia. SKILLS: Consumer Health Advocate, blogger, writer & speaker. More details @ INTRODUCTION OF...

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My Busy Day by Kerry Edward

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kerry Edward studied Graphic Design in New York City after high school. He is the author and illustrator for his self-published book, My Busy Day.

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The Voyage by Robert Vescio

As the refugee situation increasingly grows worldwide, The Voyage will help engage children in discussions about what it means to be a refugee, and how people can work and help to make refugees feel welcome and safe.

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Sharing Your Story

What you do matters, your story matters, by sharing your story, you could change a life, maybe even your own!