Do I need an author or illustrator Fan Page on Facebook?

Yes. No question. Fan pages allow you to brand yourself as an author or illustrator and customize your “look” just as you would a website. This is an extremely valuable tool as more and more publishing companies are looking for creatives with an established online presence.

The other value of fan pages is that you can keep the personal “you” separate from the business “you”.  This is a great way to still maintain relationships with family and friends through your personal profile while maintaining a separate public presence on Facebook.

Here is the link to get you started:

  1. Select ‘Community or Public Figure’                                                                                   
  2.  Decide on your page name. This can be just your name, or you might like to add ‘author’ or ‘illustrator’, especially if you have a common name. Even if you are not yet published, you can still call yourself an author or illustrator.
  3.  Select your category, either ‘author’ or ‘illustrator’.
  4.  Complete your basic info:  During this step, you’ll be asked to select a profile picture, fill out your about section, and set up your personalised Facebook Fan Page Address.When considering your Profile Picture, be sure you pick an image that is of you only, 180px by 180px and that looks professional.                                                                                                                       
  5.  Add content to you page. Focus on filling your page with status updates, milestones, images, videos, and other content that shares value with your fans and tells your brand story.                      

If you would like to see some examples of what to post on your Facebook Fan Page, follow 

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Educate yourself on how to stay safe on Facebook, but most of all, have fun.