Do you have a hidden children’s picture book inside of you?

By Kat Fox


Story telling is an age-old craft. Its how information has been passed down from generation to generation. I adore children’s picture books, I love to illustrate them, read them with my young children, discover new worlds and tales. Children books are like the camp fire gathering people together, the book being the flame. The funny thing is this is how stories were told of old, around the fire, shadows dancing on the cave walls. No picture’s, just 100% your own imagination.

Some nights I would lay down on the bed next to my daughter or sons and find my self starting to unravel my own stories. I would take my children on journeys and they would participate alongside me adding the twist and turns. Usually these would start simply because we were too tired, and my eyes could not focus on the words. We would lie there, eyes closed, and we would let the adventure begin.


These precious stories were wonderful and some, to be honest, lacked a little. Years on I now ask myself where did they go? Did I write them down? Are they floating around inside my brain vault locked away? Or are they gathering dust penned on paper shoved into the bottom of a draw??? Or did they just disappear, lost forever?


“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


If the latter is true, I must strive to resurrect what is lost. TBH in my case I never took the time to write them or record them, which as a children book illustrator is very hard. I am looking to be the author to my own children books as well as an illustrator. I am on a mission to dig deep and resurrect these stories with the help of my now older children. I believe this will be a fun exercise that keeps building the bond between me the mother and my beautiful children.

To others I would say, please have a go at this, I mean you read enough books so you would understand that every tale takes you on a journey, there may be a main character and they ALWAYS hit a problem, a point of tension. Yes, don’t over think it, but I believe that everyone has a hidden potential best seller inside them.

These are the tips:

  • Involve your child in adding to the story by asking questions, after all a child’s imagination is always full
  • Record it on your phone as you make it up with your child.
  • If you feel happy and your child interacts with your tale write it down.
  • PLEASE make a time to work further on this and take it to the next level.



Finally, if you have penned your made-up wondrous stories years ago and they are hidden away PLEASE revisit them. Imagine you could turn an impromptu magical moment shared with your child into a physical precious story book for many children to enjoy for years to come. Set your story free!!!!


KAT FOX Is a whimsical children’s book illustrator who is building her profile through working for publishers, self-publishing authors and creating personalised gifts both corporate and every day. Check out her whimsical work at www.katafoxdraw and