Tell us about your journey so far.

I am really excited to be sharing my story with you. This journey is so much fun. My sister and I have written/illustrated a children’s book – Mashed Banana Pie.
Originally written seven years ago while breastfeeding my daughter (the only time I sat down!), it was on the shelf at home till 2017 when it suddenly got a whirlwind of attention. My sister surprised me with an illustrated version of it as a Christmas present, which her and her husband, Charles had been working on secretly for months.
We met with a local Redland’s author who encouraged us to publish it and here we are.

What is your favourite part about being an author?

Working together as a team has been amazing and there has been a lot of laughs. It is such a good feeling to walk into a school and see the joy the book brings to the kids, see our book come to life, our characters hanging from paper trees and have the kids calling out ‘…Mashed Banana Pie’ at all the right moments when I read the story.

What’s next?

We are working on another book now, currently in illustration stages and hopefully available by the end of the year… we’re not revealing too much yet… but there may be a monster involved!
As far as writing goes, I find my best writing happens when I’m most relaxed and in the zone – sounds like a perfect reason to put my feet up.

Where can we contact your for a copy of the book and author visit enquiries?

Our social media sites are