Divorce isn’t easy; it isn’t entered into lightly. It is a time of harsh transformation and adjustment. You may be struggling with your finances, your faith or your family and at the same time be expected to battle through your emotions and negotiate a divorce settlement. And do this somehow without losing your sanity or your self-respect. Practically Single encourages you to find your true worth and give you the tools to make real and lasting change in your life. It will reform how you think about money and yourself and show you the value of rediscovering or finding faith. An inspirational workbook for a time when you’re at your most vulnerable and disorganised, Practically Single offers readers the tools they need to find their way.


“You don’t have to be a single mother or recently divorced to benefit from the strategies, wisdom and handy hints that Michelle Worthington has collated in her little gem Practically Single.

Michelle makes it easy for women of all ages and in all circumstances to benefit from the understanding and insights that she has gained through personal experience over two decades.

Each of the nine chapters begins with a vignette from Michelle’s life and knowledge. Each section also contains encouraging Scripture verses and pertinent questions that facilitate personal reflection.

Many women who are finding life hard to manage will find Practically Single the blessing they have been searching for.”DS

“Aimed at women in particular, this slim volume offers some guidance, practical and financial, for individuals post divorce. It is a starting point for those who need some clarity to move forward following such a fundamental change in their lives. If offers opportunities to write down, workbook fashion, points to consider, both personally and financially, and a number of recommended books and websites for readers to access.” KL

“I was fortunate to win a copy of this remarkable little book from the Goodreads First Reads competition, via the Author.

Thank you Michelle Worthington for producing such an excellent book.
Not only does it give loads of information on ‘Managing your money and life after divorce’ as the cover states, but so much more positive information as well.

I wish I had this book to study when I was divorced almost 40 years ago. I muddled through and was blessed to find my own happy ending, but that was more by the grace of God than my own bumbling efforts.

Although this book is primarily aimed at divorced women with children, it has insights into depression, living alone and taking charge of your life when you find yourself separated from your significant other by whatever turn of events. The exercises and suggestions in this book would work equally well for women who are suddenly widowed, and left to their own devices to make a life alone.

The book is also interspersed with ‘blessings’…quotes from the Bible to uplift and encourage. No don’t be put off by this if you are not a particularly religious person. Think of these little Blessings as affirmations, (which is exactly what they are), to bring us into sync. with our Higher Selves. That is ALWAYS a good thing, especially when we are s grieving and suffering loss in any form.

I cannot recommend this little, easy to read book, with it’s spaces for personal thoughts and notations, highly enough.
Keep a copy on your bookshelf, read it yourself. Even if you are fortunate enough not to have been touched by divorce, separation or loss, chances are you will know of, or will meet someone who has and you can pass it on to them.” C

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