Introduction of Sharon Giltrow – Children’s Author

1) What was your background before you started writing?


I grew up on a farm in South Australia, the youngest of eight children, surrounded by pet sheep and fields of barley. As well as being a writer, I teach young children with Developmental Language Disorder at a Language Development Centre. I have been a teacher for twenty-six years. Over those many years I have taught 0-5-year olds in day-care, children with special needs, children who are deaf and blind and children who are deaf. I am also a mother of two children now aged 11 and 13.

Here is the farmhouse I grew up in.

2) How were you introduced to writing?

When I had my first child in 2006, I wanted to write a picture book for her. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that I started thinking seriously about becoming a writer. So, I joined a fantastic group called the 12x12 Picture Book challenge which was founded by Julie Hedlund. The challenge being to write 12 picture book drafts in 12 months, with the added benefit of joining a supportive Kid Lit community. This challenge gave me the motivation to write regularly. BEDTIME DADDY was my June 2017 draft.

3) What was the one thing that impressed you the most about becoming an author?

The immense support from the Kid Lit community and other writers.

 4) How is your writing making a difference for you right now?

Well it isn’t monetary but that isn’t why I write. Although books sales will be great. HINT HINT! For me writing gives me a creative outlet for the ideas I have swirling around in my head.

 5) As a child, what was your relationship with books?

I loved books as a child. Every book I owned was cherished and put into my home library. This included assigning each book a library card. I still have many of my childhood books which I have passed onto my children.

Here is one of my favourite childhood books.

6) What is the most important thing about what you want to do?

I want to write books that parents, teachers and children can enjoy sharing together. Books that help children to develop a love for reading and writing.

7) Do you believe books can change the world?

Yes. Even if they can’t change the whole world, they can change a child’s world. Here is a great article about the benefits of reading books to children.

In my book BEDTIME, DADDY! little bear reads daddy bear a story.

8) What do you hope people will take away from your writing?

Happiness, and the love and joy of books.

9) What is your ultimate goal?

To publish ten children’s books in ten years. To encourage parents and children to share books together.

10) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

The fact that not all children have access to books in their home and thus the educational, social and emotional benefits of reading and sharing books.