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Vikki Conley has worked as a professional writer and marketer, with diverse communities in Africa, Asia and Australia, for over 20 years. She is an author, communications specialist and community collaborator.

Vikki is one of the most prolific emerging children’s authors, with six picture books being released within the next two years. She is also the creator of the popular children’s literature social media pages, Courageous Pages.

Vikki has negotiated multiple community collaborations that have child-focused, artistic and social outcomes. She is a passionate and dynamic creative all-rounder.

Who inspired you?

My father. He inspired my sister and me to write poetry and stories about our childhood adventures. Often, we’d venture to islands in Dad’s old wooden boat. On the way back into port, it was our job to write the adventures in The Ship’s Log Book.

My obsession with words started at a young age. In primary school, I wrote and illustrated handmade books. When reading, I’d write down (in a special notebook) any words (and their definition) that I didn’t know. I still have all of these books.

What has been your journey up to this point?

Writing and storytelling has always been a part of my career – from copywriting, to journalism, to photography, to digital content creation, to picture books!

During my 10 years working for World Vision as a marketer and communications specialist, I interviewed many families and children who shared extraordinary stories. I delivered readers to children in Somalia who had never seen a book.

In search of extraordinary stories, I’ve eaten goats’ tongues with African chiefs, climbed inside Icelandic glaciers, entered war-torn countries and interviewed dignitaries in a paddock full of eeyoring donkeys!


What are you working on now?

I’m writing some junior fiction, chapter books and middle grade. I also have a few exciting collaborations in the pipeline – story yoga and inclusive story art for children with disabilities.


As a child, what was your relationship with books?

I was that child who walked around the house and brushed her teeth with a book held in front of her face. I was mesmerised by picture books, charmed by Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree, and completely fell in love with story when I studied English Literature and drama in secondary school.

What is the most important thing about what you do?

To write stories that celebrate the spirit of wonder, adventure and freedom that I wish every child could enjoy. To inspire children through these stories to open their minds to continual wonder.


What are the challenges you face in this industry?

Having to keep multiple income streams and projects active to ‘stay alive’. I wish I could live off just writing books. Hopefully one day.

What advice can you offer to aspiring authors?

Just keep writing. Seek opportunities to grow and improve. Then just keep writing. Someone famous once said: The difference between a published author and a writer, is persistence.

What is your definition of success?


When a publisher briefs you on a story they’d like you to write.

What is your ultimate goal?


To inspire joy through story.


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